Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trade Journal Friday Trades.

All good things must come to an end.  I tightened my APPL stop and wound up exiting the position.
Entry: 5.05  March 115C.
EXIT: 11.51  (+6.46  128% in 9 sessions.)

I felt that AAPL was getting "toppy" here as it has gapped but then faded.  Since I was traveling, I knew I would not be able to monitor the position so I felt prudence dictated tightening my stop.  As the trade ends, this is my second biggest winner YTD.

IDRA: In trading there are some things you cannot control.  One of them is when one of your stock gapping against you.  In trading, you can't control whether you are right or wrong, you control only whether you decide to stay that way.   IDRA announced a secondary which caused it to open slightly below my stop.   Another reminder why I rarely put a lot of size on normal swing trade.  Although IDRA would bounce from that point, more often than not it is best to stick to the plan and let the trade terminate.  My loss was only slightly larger than I had planned due to the gap.

Entry: 4.25
EXIT: 3.91

TASR Gap fades,  I hate that.  I set my stop to in the money at it was hit at 27.28
Entry: 27.11
Exit 27.28

This one has some momo. Look at that weekly candle launched from the 10Week AVG.
Entry: 39.63

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