Friday, February 20, 2015


Closed my MA March  88 Calls out here. This was a little slow to get going but then it really did and I took a 120% gain.  

Entry: $1.71
Exit: $3.75 

I sold here, figuring it was better to sell into the move.  Especially on an options trade and during the last earning gap the move faded after two burst days.  So between this and AAPL thats two 100% winning option trades in a row and I thought I hated options trading :-)

JRJC: This one could have worked but it faded yesterday into the bell taking my profit with it took a small loss here rather than mess with it  A winning trade doesn't pull this shit.

Entry: 6.12
Exit: 5.83

I got too excited about the potential fishhook setting up and let my self increase my test position into a full size on this trade too soon, which forced me to move up my stop loss.  I got tagged at the end.

This stock could still set and  work on the long side but it has to take 6.20 before I'm interested again.

Summary  of Errors:
First day buy
Failed to sell a 15% pre-market gain on that buy .
Added to the position before the pattern has developed.

What I did right: Got out, kept my planned exit left the Kept damage  minimal.
Entry: 6.13
Entry 2: 6.14
Entry 3: 603
Exit: 5.24

I've had  been in this one for a bit it didn't do much but finally broke out this week.  Volume waned So I'll get out while the price is decent. 
Entry: 18.95(1/23)
Exit: 19.78
4.3% -- I suppose its better than the bank.

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