Monday, February 9, 2015

Opened GSB, ARRY, BOX, EMES (SHORT), Closed PBPB, Partial close PSXP

I opened a bunch of positions today

GSB is an earnings related EP. EPS enjoyed a 100% increase and management suggested the trend is likely to continue.  Bought premarket.

Entry 1:3.10 (2/3)
Entry 2. 3.35 (1/3)
Exit 1. 3.21 (1/3)

Reduced some size as the market was pulling back.  It's better to manage risk than to take a big line. Still decent action on this stock.

I've had an eye on this one for a while ,

Caught the 10day and rode the wave. Decent close, I'm looking for another burst here.
Entry 7.81
Stop. 7.44

I'm a big fan of IPO "bombs" These are the stocks that can't match the initial hype and the first wave of investors gets burned creating room for the second push to catch the move.

BOX has bombed but has now caught momentum.

Entry:  19.32

EMES rallied this morning and looked like it might get over its magic line.  Nope. Slammed with a $4.00 reversal.  I bought the Feb 51.5 puts as it started to fade.

This had looked like it was going to break range to the upside.  But Day 2 was pretty weak and day 3 I was stopped out.

Entry: 14.46
Exit:  14.17

I love small losses.  This one cost me just a .25 of my portfolio.
Small losses look even better when your gains are 10X the amount of a loss.I sold off another 1/3 of PSXP

Entry: 74.16
Exit 2. 78.35

Still holding a 1/3 of the original position.  This needs to push 80.  It's probably better for it to set up around 76-78 before trying to break through.  

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