Friday, July 31, 2015

July 31

I need to Dwell on a mistake

I broke a rule jumped in pre-market figuring this would push a big move. Should have realized that it had not cleared resistance.

Entry 2. 
Then made another "mistake" and doubled down after it went against me, which put me on more size than I would want to take buying into a loser.  After doubling the position, I had a 2% risk on the position, which is more than I would want to take on this type of set up. 


 I woke up early with a clear head.  There would be no chasing losses.  I needed to right size the position. There was a a .30 gap in the am and used that gap to unload 1/2 my position and get back to an appropriate size.    I avoid an over size risk.  The stock held its bounce and went higher all is right in the world. 

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