Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13,

That's more like it.

VIX -- found its way back into the channel.  I wouldn't be surprised however if it made bounce on the red RSI line and tested the gap. That said momo is back in fashion.

Got the morning gap in several names I bought Friday.   FEYE, sold the gap and then re-bought the  position

Entry: 49.53
Exit: 50.75
Entry 2: 49.85

Some positive action on the RSI, but momo looks like it is slowing a bit.

Another morning gapper, sold off a portion in the AM and remainder on the fade.
Entry 14.46
Exit 1: 14.85
Exit 2. 14.60

NEM  short-- sold off but then bounced back.  Moved my stop to in the money and was hit.

Entry: 22.48
Exit: 22.29

Entry: 31.08
Exit 1: 32.42
Exit 2: 32.82
Entry: 30.41
Entry: $28.58
CARA: weekly breakout. I was a little confused on this one as it lagged for much of the day, so I cut my position size.  But when it broke out past the previous day trading range

Entry: 13.15
Exit 1: 13.27
Entry 2: 13.53


MLM--  sold as it was unable to regain strength.
Entry: 151.97
Exit: 153.37

Entry 44.11
stopped 43.18  -- small position off the hourlies. Didn't work as this one became crowded as everyone was looking for 45.

EYEG: Lottery ticket
entry 6.70--  Signed a deal with VRX

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