Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 2.


Partial sell on the opening

Sold the premarket gap to 32:

This one is still in play look for it coming out of that hourly base.

FIT:   I think a lot of people went into FIT yesterday in hopes of a gap.  I was prepared to sell into a gap had that happened.   Yet there was a quick sell off about 45 mins before the open and FIT came bouncing back.  I knew that would be a good sign as the dip shook some of the weaker hands out so this trade became less crowded.  I decided to get out going into 44. I figured the handle would be some resistance and I would rather sell into the handle before the test as if the resistance held this could have dropped quickly and I would be chasing a bid.

It did briefly get over 44 and when that happens there is a quick rush and then a fade.   That is exactly what happened and FIT could not regain the strength after the gates opened at 44.

This is still one to watch... First level I would consider is 40 then the gap in the 37.5-38 range.   This is still crowded and it needs to punish a some of the "easy money" traders.

Opened 14.28   Back to this one after being stopped out on Monday.  Several bounces off the $14 handle. Hedge funds increasing positions (with lock out until fall)

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