Sunday, March 29, 2015


I had one of those weeks where I had to put in 16 hour days at the office without access  to quotes  and was left at the mercy of my stop loss orders.  A number my stops were hit and positions exited.

But before discussing the positions closed, here's the ones I opened:

TWTR:  TWTR put in a nice weekly breakout, although it pulled back the day after in held the 49.12 B/o point.   I caught this one high so my position size is reduced.

Entry: 51.79
Stop: 49.12

After catching a powerful move. Entry 2.92 -- Exit 3.88.  I'm back for more.  The move on Thursday has a bottoming look to it after it rallied off the lows.  I'm looking for a dip buy here 3.58 with some consolidate to 3.80-$4.00, which will set the table for a move on the weekly

On a weekly I liked the action after the power move.
After bouncing off the 10 RAD hit a new weekly closing breakout on some volume.
Entry: 8.65

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