Monday, March 2, 2015

New month, new positions, FSL, IMKTA, NOAH, IPHI, LEA

FSL announced a merger today w/ NXPI I'm looking for a merger EP that we've seen from other semiconductor stocks

Here was the moving I was waiting for and pounce on it I did. This was a great high volume move out of the consolidation.


The last time I tried this one, I took a loss.  I like set up here as it setup right off the 50MA tight consolidation and then the burst on above average volume

Entry: $19.23.
Stop $18.85

This one is just tightening and tightening.  I was looking for it to pop range today but that didn't happen.  I believe it will happen to the upside and I like that the range contraction allows me to take that bet with a tight stop.

Entry: 23.26

My LEA 115 March calls that I bought last week perked up with today's action as LEA has its highest close.  If I can get a continuation day things will look pretty good.

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