Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, No changes today.

I didn't add today as I want to see how my positions weather pull backs.  So far, mostly good, nothing was stopped out and MVIS absolutely ran. 

Breaks to Mult-year highs today with an RSI and MACD highs as well.   The prior resistance should act as support-- enabling me to move my stops up to the 3.30-3.40 range. 

A bit of a pull back today but still above my buy point of 7.98.  The magic line continues to hold. 

Bigger picture looking like a 2 week rest similar to early feb. Very health as long as the range holds.

I expected a pull back after being up 30% + in 2 days.  That said. This bounced off its lows very nicely.  Perhaps a fishhook into the week in? As long as it holds the EMA 7 this move is still very much enact.
My short position:
DFS bounced off of its lows which looked like it was ready to completely break down.  IS this a pivot or a 1 day event.  I'm not sure. 

Bit of a pull back on the daily.   But stop at 1.10 still holds

Weekly range continues to tighten, when (or if) this breaks should store up some power. 

Held range, nothing otherwise notable.
Inside day following breakout, nothing notable.
Pushed initially in the AM which was sold. Although it pulled back the breakout point(and my stop) held. One step forward .75 back has been the recent history on this move so nothing surprising. 

This one ran in to selling but volume was relatively light compared to the bullish days.  Hopefully there's some buying as my stop holds by just a bit. 
Yesterday had  a big move.  I was encouraged as this bounced pretty well off its lows and closed pretty close to the open.  Could be set up to run into the end of the week as the bear's initial attempt failed to kill off the rally was rejected.
This the one that surprised me the most as yesterdays breakout was completely rejected in a convincing manner.  I took a small position as I'm playing the weekly move giving me a wide stop--My stop is at 70 -- so I'm hoping this was just a one day- late selling and we'll get a bounce back but if not it's time to get out. 
Goes in the nothing to see here category. Would have liked to see more follow-through. 


  1. Take some time to notice " vol@price," deadzones, left side of chart, PTCT had an overhang that drops in diagonal direction toward those dead zones. Will, IMO fill those areas before continuing higher. @0007

    1. I obviously got stopped out on PTCT today. But that's an interesting observation regarding the dead zones.