Thursday, March 5, 2015

3/5/15 opened and closed

This fishhook didn't work at all as the buying pressure completely died up.
Entry: 3.29
Stopped out : 2.87  fortunately, I traded it small.

Another fake break. This looked like it was good to go I bought at 46.99 it immediately ran to 47.77 and looked like a multi point move was in the works,  It then reversed hard
Stopped out 45.44

Took this  short as it failed to get into the gap now 2X in a row.
Turned out to be a great entry at 11.99

Entry 10.70  made a nice .40 push from my buy point with a late day push.
Looked for a dip buy on CAPN as it was hit on a secondary warrant announcement. This appeared to be bouncing so I bought but the buyers faded away and so did the stock. I wasn't risking this big so took a small loss.

Entry: 7.66
Exit: 7.21

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