Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 Trades

Although the weekly breakout looked good, it was not to be. Boot looked good in the a.m. rally up to 25.95, but then reversed.  I took a stop at 24.75 as the breakout point fails.  

This was a good loss.  I gave the breakout a chance and when it failed, I knew exactly where my exit would be.

Entry: 25.47 
Exit: 24.75  -2.8% (- .4% portfolio)

This  one got gapped against me,  but fortunately my position size was pretty small. To the point where I could wait for the bounce.  I did have a stop at 1.39, low on the move 1.40. as it bounced to day, I sold it out as I no longer have any interest in the setup. --its a complete mess on the daily, but apparent that something is going on as some volume has come in.

On a weekly,  and my reason for taking the trade was the RSI and MACD settings were hitting multi year highs.  This could setup as a rest week, and next week would be the first time a breakout trade could be attempted

Entry: 2.04
Exit: 1.56   Looks bad in % for the trade but due to the trade size only a -.45% portfolio loss.

Opened REPH:
This is one that I caught a big move last week.  IMO, REPH has now setup again and could make a similar move. There were 3 days in a row where it rejected move to break it down.  Today, it gapped down but closed up from the gap.  After it was apparent that it would not immediately breakdown, I took a position at $8.51

Mental Stop @8.10  This one is too thin to put a hard stop.  (I know from the last run where mine got taken out at a LOD)

Bigger picture, ATH  weekly RSI and MACD.

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  1. Indeed a good run for REPH yesterday although it faded away today