Saturday, December 13, 2014

Opened APT

APT had set up with a pretty nice bace on the 200 MA.  Lake a haz mat suit manufacturer was up big in the morning because it would have earnings over the bell  I bought APT as a sympathy play, figuring that it could run more due to the small float size.  The broad market was selling off and APT closed with only a .07 gain on the day.  But it would get worse as the market did not like LAKE's earnings.  To manage risk, I sold off 2/3 of the position in A.H. 

This was a very poor decision to take this trade. I can see I'm forcing trades now that are not there and I am paying the price for doing so. 

Entry: 2.96
Exit 1: 2.68
Exit 2: 2.67

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