Wednesday, December 3, 2014

closed VTAE

I got a great entry on this stock and could have landed a great move but I let a lot of  profit it get away in hopes that this would set up again.  I've reduced my position over the past few days and today closed it out.  This stock is thinner than Kate Moss and I do not want to hold a lot of shares in this type of stock that can have wide spreads if it falls farther and hope that it finds support.

Entry 1: 17.44 
Entry 2: 19 
Entry 3:  18.31 

Exit 1 18.72
Exit 2  18.95 
Exit 3:  18.12

On the whole this turned out decent about 1R.  But I let too much go back to Mr. Market as this had gone over 21. 

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