Monday, December 8, 2014


Lots of selling today.  524 stocks down greater than 4%.  Unfortunately, I owned several of them.  I got knocked out of a bunch of positions as stops were hit.  That's trading. So here's the damage:

OREX-- This was the first to go.  It's breakout never really got going.  This hasn't really broke down...yet. But I didn't go into this trade to wait for 4 weeks in hopes that its move would resume.  I'm perfectly fine getting out here.

Entry: 6.09
Entry 5.94
Closed 5.68

ISNS, This actually made a run after gapping down but it was not to be. It was sold off and I'm out. My mistake was selling my second lot, more than buying my third.

Entry 1: 3.08
Entry 2: 3.01
Entry 3:  4.02
Exit 1: 3.21
Exit 2: 3.04
Exit 3: 3.55

This was a breakout trade that got slammed back down.

Exit 33.80

This was a decent trade.  I stayed committed to my plan to use the 6EMA as my stop, which meant I moved it up.  As the market sold off, TUBE was closed

Entry 15.86
Exit: $16.75


I closed my short out as out GMCR was down 6 days in a row. Since it did not appear this morning that we would have the selling we did this afternoon, I figured there was no sense in pushing this trade farther.  I had traded it nicely
Entry 140.72
Exit. 131.90

Another Breakout slammed back down.
Entry: 24.92
Exit:  23.95

I bought this on the B/o this morning.  I played it with a tight stop as I figured a true breakout shouldn't go red on breakout day. This one was crammed down.

Entry: 26.89
Exit: 26.26

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