Monday, September 15, 2014

Stop loss day: Closed EJ, RADA, NEO, JRJC -- Mitigated disaster.

On a day with strong selling especially in the momentum names, it was not a fun day despite having significantly cutting back on my holdings over the last week. Before today, my longest losing streak was 2.  Today I lost on 4 in a row.

So let's begin the Slaughter:

EJ, stopped out at $10.50.  I thought I was smarter than the market and this one winds up being one of my bigger losses on the year.
It broke out of the flag ---- to the downside.  Stopped at $7.90, exit as planned. 

RADA: I  used a mental stop at 3.30-- took my eye off  the ball and saw then saw it at 3.16, where I sold immediatly.

NEO Stop 5.55.  It gave up the breakout I gave up my shares. 

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