Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Opened OTIV CSUN, Fishhook Entires

I recently wrote up a detailed explanation of a the "fishhook" entry that I have been using for Big Gain Hunting. I hooked into a couple today.

First CSUN.  CSUU pulled back hard to a low of 3.31 and then reversed, I caught it on the way up 3.44 and then a smaller order at 3.56 for an average of 3.49.   CSUN pushed up all the way to 3.73 and looked to be a big winner before fading late.   Given some of the Chinese stocks such as SCOK (up over 150%) today, I think this one still has potential.

OTIV  was another fishhook entry.  Great long tail of the big move that got very red it reversed.
I Entered at 3.14 and was nearly shaken out but I kept it on the line.

OTIV played out the other way catching a late day surge and closing near the HOD.

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