Friday, September 19, 2014

Closed YHOO Premarket

I bought YHOO yesterday on the close. 42.17. I planned to close YHOO premarket as I theorized that the most frenzied buyers would bid it up in anticipation of BABA.  YEP.  My limit order was filled at 43.25, which was .01 off the the HOD in premarket
Sometimes, You get lucky!  I was out of this trade before I  woke up. I set my limit at 43.25 because the buying was strong enough A.H. that I thought it would continue --43.25 seemed like a reasonable target.

I also took a stab at YHOO at the end of day.   41.08 - 41.14  I took a .06 swing, when it looked like the Momentum would fade.  I'm a speculator,  I saw no reason to gamble holding over the weekend for a bounce. 

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