Monday, January 26, 2015

Position Summary RESN, MPG MOC, PLNR

From time to time it is important to take stock of existing positions. Here are my holdings not including the positions I opened today. 

Here's my star performer and I believe in everything I've been seeing in the action despite how difficult it might be to hold this on day-to-day basis.  Looking at the weekly it has made it much more clear.  I've bought a lot of this one. 
Entry 1: 9.26
Entry 2: 9.05
Exit 1: 10.90 (partial
Entry 3: 10.40
Entry 4: 11.79
Entry 5: 10.21

MPG: A recent IPO.  It's thin, but it is showing some life. I like that it has scalloped out a bottom and appears ready to push higher.  A close above a new weekly high would be the sign to add to this but right now. I'm content with a trial position

Entry: 18.95 

When pull back buys work, you look so smart... especially after a move like today.   This was an easy trade in the since that it had a clear defined point where I would take the loss if I were wrong. I figured that there was a decent chance of holding the lows.  
Entry 7.03

This is the only position that I'm down in from $3.08.  I was looking for a Fishhook but that faded. MOC  has shown that an ability for power but the volume has now evaporated.  I would add but the volume has really waned

MOC popped after catching a very large contract from the USPS.  I like the theme of private security after the French terrorist attacks and the fundamental are very much aligned for a higher move...if only the volume comes in.  If it drops below 2.40 I'll thrown in the towel. 

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