Saturday, January 10, 2015

Closed Winners ISIS, NOAH, CDXS, Losers ARNA, ODP

The market is not feeling the way it should with the expected V shaped recovery fading.  I decided to  close a number of positions  and play defense should more broad selling be in order. 

Caught a nice Breakout, but did not like the 2nd day fade. So I'm out.

Entry: 68.76 
Exit: 72.92 

I hit another nice breakout here with CDXS running all the way to 3.29.
Entry 2.93
Exit. 3.22

This one had a lot of potential, but I wind up with mediocre profits as the the bounce on  Thursday was rejected forcefully.

Entry: 19.45
Exit 1:  21.45
Exit 2: 20.46

The weekly Chart looks like it is make or break time. If it starts to bounce of the 10 Week. I should look to re-enter.  But I want to see that test first.

And Loses are part of the game as long as they are small, I'm fine.

ARNA was a Fishhook set up hat I jumped instead of waiting for the trigger and I paid the price:

Entry: 5.93
Exit: 5.58

I entered as I thought ODP would find a bottom and then resume.  Instead I got a late day fade, and then follow through to the downside. Stopped out
Entry: 8.50.
Exit.  8.10


  1. Do you mainly focus on 2-3 days swing trades?

    1. Yes the 2-3 day trades account for the majority of my trades. But if one of those had trending potential I'll occassionaly give it more room. But a lot more factors have to line up than for a 2-3 day trade. For a longer term trade, I need to see a theme that is capable of driving a stock after the inevitable pull back.

      For example, last year my most profitable trade was a 5 month move in HCLP, which I made over 50% and 20pts. The domestic oil boom, and fracking was a theme that had staying power.

      This year biotechs are off to the races so I'm looking at weekly charts for solid stocks. Many of those will have themes that can be bought on weakness where support holds. But we'll see, sometimes the trades you expect the least from can deliver the most.

    2. Thanks for your insights. Your blog analysis is very helpful IMO. I read your other article about trading experience before which is also pretty educational and inspiring. thanks for sharing your works and experience.

    3. Thank you for the kind comments. If you have any suggestions let me know.