Friday, January 23, 2015

Opened MPG, MIFI, Closed CUBA

MPG is a IPO type set up that I like. -- a strong pull back that is followed by a U shaped recovery taking out highs. 

Another thin stock in my portfolio so I'm wading in small at this point. 

Entry: 8.95

This one has some power 14% move closing at the high after a  aounce off 20 day MA. which I'll use to gauge the health of this.

Stop 4.25

My CUBA thesis didn't quite work.  There was a winning trade as it gapped up to 10.00 but I missed it.  I had small size so I decided to give it a go at 10:00 which proved too tough.  So instead of a small gain, I end with a small loss. But I'm fine with that as this trade caused no damage to my account.

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