Monday, January 26, 2015


My stocks are running, market breadth is improving and I opened a lot of positions today.

PSXP is a fantastic weekly breakout.  This was my top prospect from the weekend and it did not disappoint as it rallied up to all time highs.
Entry: 76.40

IPHI: Volume has come on with a High volume weekly breakout. I would have liked this on a pull back, but as this week breaks higher I'll stake out an initial position.
Entry: 21.05
Stop: 19.70

A secondary push higher a high volume push an the end of 2011. This looks like a good risk to reward. Stop at the 6 EMA or first reversal which allows a power move to be captured.
Entry 2.23

Weekly, shows a gap to be filled If gets going 2.70+ could be on board.  PT recently raised from 7 to 9. Seems crazy to target over 400% but who knows.

GDXJ: Following a great burst over the 10Week which I caught a piece of GDXJ but sold for a small gain as caution prevails.  A back test to the 10week  holds and rallies nicely, giving the "jump back in signal" I expect Gold stocks to trade sloppily as there have been many, many false bottoms.  I'm not calling a bottom but I'll trade what I see.

Entry 27.96

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