Thursday, February 9, 2017

2/9 busy day

I've been busy with some other work things so I'm a few days behind in the journal.  The spreadsheet has been kept up to date.

Big day today.

LOXO Break out from a liner setup.  Although I prefer the pull back setup this had a lot of power in the past and there was no way I wanted to miss a b/o attempt in this one.

Took 1/2 off already and we'll see how far we can push this.

Total LT stock but it fits the power profile.  Eased into this w/ 2 buys.  

ETRM 5 min 
Good example  of what I look for on any time frame.  The first slingshot usually fails if it is too soon after the initial thrust.   Its the second or 3rd that have the best probability of success.  7.82 entry on this one.

Took a position just short of 93.  looks to be breaking range after a weekly breakout after about a year  of basing.


HBM:  Still consolidating, Banged it out as there is better setups and this one is bigger float than I like.
GKOS: They don't get much better than this one. but after 8 days, I'd be pushing my luck.


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