Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This GRVY trades was one of my most profitable trades this year to date..  This one went for over 25% in a short period -- (and would keep going, but can I complain, not really)  $2,243 on this round. The previous went for 880 so over $3k on this stock.

AAOI Closed 1/2:
This stock is also one  my most profitable + over $1,800 on closed 1/2.  I had great patience in letting this develop but it is now getting over bought.  And it makes sense to lock some $$ in here and raise the stop on the remainder.
IPI trimmed 25%
So purdy but I was too aggressive here, So  I need to make sure to always protect the downside. I banged out a quarter of my position for a 5% gain and look to ride the rest as far as I can.  This one has 10 X potential 

Took a small loss here.   When I entered this trade, I was concerned that the setup was "too good" and there were too many eyes on it, meaning that its chances for failure were higher.  But If it ran and I missed it I would have been pissed because it had the power profile.   But because I anticipated the breakout and then added into it, I was able to keep a tight stop and lost only $127 here.

New buys:
Shows some earnings power ripping from 12 to 14 in 3 days.
But the weekly is why I'm very interested in this stock: It has ripped to ATHs on volume and now consolidated after testing the previous  ATH on a pull back-- VERY GOOD SIGN

JNCE:  Only 6.5 mm float BOOYA.

Lots of power out of the gate = wait for first pull back and take around the pivot.  Not pleased that it faded but we shall see, If the IPO trade is back on (and there are signs that it is) this will go

JELD: Looked like it was breakout out of this first base, but not a great finish. 

Fishhook,  sector strong,  stage 2 transitions
Would prefer longer bases but..whole sector is coming on with volume. 

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