Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12. Trade Journal

I've gotten a little off track.  My holding periods have shortened to the point where I'm day trading.  I found inspiration in the success others are having doing these types of trades... but they are not my setups.

I'm not a day trader so I shouldn't don't day trade.  Sure it's fun when it hits but I feel like I'm chasing pennies and when it goes poorly because I'm out of my element I'm losing real dollars.  Anyway had losses in ENV, DATA, MS  against wins in JD.

Non-Day trades:

EFOI (not a day trade) --   Look at those EPS beats!
Entry 13.24 -- -hopefully a moving average kiss and go.

ZYNE-- held its line on the pull back-- so far.  This could really pop-- it has already but now with the 2 day rest complete it could push some highs only 10 mill float.

TREE:  so the part of my position that I sold yesterday at 124.50--- bought it back 119.19. -- held the lows.  So far so good.

TUES: Closed
Perhaps I'm too quick to cover after it now has dropped.  Volume felt light and I was holding a chunk I didn't want to get whipped on this one so happy to take a decent profit. Although it was only a 1:1

YINN, I was thinking of this as a country in trouble type trade.  Looked promising until the YAUN gets devalued.
Entry 29.66
Exit: 26.73

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