Saturday, August 15, 2015

AUG 11- 14 week review

Week Review.

What went right

On the plus side I hit a couple of really nice winners in TREE and EFOI both are stocks that I got in before the crowd.  on pull backs following Earnings bursts.  Scaled out of both on the way up.  Kicking my self for not adhering to trading plan to hold last 1/4-/13 of these until the 4ema breaks.

What went wrong

On the downside, I was at times impulsive.  I had a ton of wash sales as I would catch my self buying junk and then bail on the trade-- again better than losses.  I had trades that would have been big winners, but bailed for small and mediocre gains.  ZYNE I had a 3.7% gain-- I had an out pre-market but  I gave up a 20+% move that day.  

Quick sure money v. Big money with risk   -- always the internal war with me.

The losses I incurred were on the short side going too big--  CENX one of my big winners from earlier in the month cost me a 1% hit.  Or simply trying to trade out of my style.  Friday was a big day, and I feel I got back on track.

Week Highlights:

Entry off hourly channel gut into the pull back with 117. stop
Entry 122
Entry 119.19
Exits:  124.5 , 126, 131.57

EFOI: 13.24 Entry
Exits:  14.8, 15.53,

Low lights:
My low lights are big losses per-se (I like to think my focus on downside has cured me of those) CENX I was too aggressive on a trade that would have worked had I taken less size on the trade.

CENX short:



On Deck for Next Week:


SPNC (short): Sold bear bar followed by a weak rally attempt buy bulls that faded.
holding stead at the 4.  Next week a push above 17.20 will lead to a big move.
MMYT: (Short)

OHRP (Spec)
Took this A.H. 2.77 on news Soros took a position.  Given the Float size, and the way other  Hedgefund Guru plays have played out VLTC, PBTI, AQXP Recently, this one seems worth a shot. 

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