Monday, July 28, 2014

Closed: WMT, MTN

WMT fell out of the consolidation which made a nice short opportunity.  In pre-market it fell as low as $75.07 before the bell.  I had attempted to get filled at .10 but it didn't happen.  It opened up @.44  I closed at $75.59.

Entry 76.29  +.70  +4. R.     This was never going to be a big trade, I took what it gave... if only I was faster on the draw this morning.

This was a trade off the MACD divergence type top.  
Entry: $77.35
Exit.  Partial $75.55 (+1.80 ) and  $76.42.  (+.93)   .4R  This could have been a great exit but I only got a partial fill -- 25%  and then the bid jumped.  After seeing it was a reversal I decided just to end the trade.

Nothing special.

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