Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Closed Positions. RBCN, YOD

I closed my remaining half on the break of 9.   The catalyst behind the sell-off was down grades to sector leader Gtat, which was down over 3.00.  I knew RBCN wouldn't be saved from the selling so I decided to save more profits.  (9 had been resistance, resistance becomes support and support was broken.  All in all a very good trade for me.  In at 7.52 out at 8.92 (on this portion of the trade.  Some profits were taken as high as 9.29.


I finally closed my short of YOD avg $3.44  bought in  @ 2.75 (avg)  I  was only going to close 1/3 of my position, but in all honesty I just go bored with it as volatility and volume have completely dried up.    I exit with a decent  profit on the trade.

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