Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Closed: HYGS

This was disappointing.  I sold off in the AM as the gap started to fill... then off to the races closing up over 11%

Trade summary:
Entry: 20.89
Partial exit. 21.53 (1/3 =.64 Remainder  $21.32  (2/3) + .43

This could have been a very good trade, instead I wind up with about a small gain.  So what went wrong?  I probably bought too high, which made me too fearful to hold as HYGS came in a bit.  I could have held the original stop but that was stretched due to the strength of the move I bought into.

Also weighing on my mind was that the earnings came in but revenues missed.  There was not aggressive buying so I thought the miss on revs might cause it to be punished. I had read the 10K and it looked like there was a big back log which should play out nicely second half the year.  Revs were down YOY because last  year there was a Q1 delay which caused revs to be booked in q2 2013.

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