Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Current position summary.


SFUN  Looking very nice.  Bought at 11.23 average.
Leju: Bought at 10.65.  The recent Ipo trading history is short but it has come back with a vengeance after an IPO flop? It great earnings and pickup 3 more analysts all with buy ratings.  Ideally, I would like to see consolidation and the 12 hold.  

HCLP this one has been on fire average price 38.88 (not including the dividends)  Probably a bit overheated and a pull back might be needed. I would love to just let this one ride for the year and take a long term capital gain. 

RFMD: Another melt up type stock.  In at 7.48.  Unfortunately,  I reduced my position size by 20% on that big red bar (for a small profit) in April.  Since May this has been off to the races.

NOK Average $4.43 This was my star of last year.  After a lot of consolidation between 8 and 7 NOK looks poised for another run if it can get past 8.  It's picked up some price targets and announced a share buyback  and a .51 dividend.  (we'll call that a reward for my patience after they cut the dividend shortly after I bought)  Obviously, this has paid off well for me and I want to see what it can do now that it is free of the handset division.

MCD: Avg. $100.28  continues to put in a nice little trend.  Slow and steady.  The 20 MA has acted as support.  If the market stays strong I would expect the next leg up to 104-05. I have no big expectations here, but it's a nice place to park some cash 3%+ dividend.

GFA: the dog of the group avg. 3.42 The breakout failed (or is failing?)   I was hopeful that the Brazil Rally would move this up and it had looked ready to breakout.  And then it went the opposite direction.  I cut my position size by 1/2 today and will dump the rest on close below 3.  Just under a 1R loss right now.   EWZ and many of the leading Brazillian stocks recently sold off.  Hopefully they can catch a bounce.  If not there's R. I. and C. of the Brics

YOD This is what I love to see on a day after I take a short position.  -12.69% the next day. If only every trade worked on this well.   I anticipate as volume dries up this will drift lower.  There are likely people that bought the billionaire news at 3.20 or higher who are now trapped and when they capitulate YOD should see new lows.

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