Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stopped in: DSX, AMGN

I kept my buy stop orders too close to the market and got stopped into two positions on "noise".  I like both charts but this was poor order placement.  AMGN has this 3 month flag pattern and I'm hopefull it breaks to the upside.   Turns out 68.15 was not the trigger I hoped it would be.  It has still stayed strong in a week market.

DSX  looks like it could break out and make a nice run towards 10.   8.96 as a buy was too low.  I should have waited until a push over  9.15 or so with volume.  DSX has pulled back but it has a nice range of support in the 8.50 range.  Today was a brutal day in the market and DSX dropped over 3%.  I would hope this holds.

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