Sunday, April 15, 2012

BA: Update

After a month of waiting, BA finally looks like it is going to break down.   This was a system test  position so I don't have much of a position.  If the move continues, it takes out the support from where it bounced in March and will head to 70.00.   I'm going to move up my stop here to an ITM position.  Stop now at 73.67.

Update:  So a day later BA crashes (bad pun for an Airline company?) .  This was something of a system test trade for me so I had no size on it.  I covered today.     I think today's move is too strong to hold.  It flew past the BBs so a snap back is likely.  Anyway, the broken pattern is confirmed and I would look to short on a bounce up to the EMAs

Update: And as predicted, the rally after the BB pierce.   Look to reinitiate a short position around 75. with the 76.50 being the stop.

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