Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of those days

REE moved with the other Rare earths.  Huge volume but again  it couldn't close over the 6.50.  I sold another Apr 6. put for .35, to generate some cash.  If it falls below 6, It will effectively let me purchase my short stock back at 5.65.

INVN:  As I noted yesterday, there was a good chance of it making a pull back as reflected by the doji candle and close below the open.  It pulled back today hard.  5.03%.  That's the problem with Momo stocks.  I should have considered selling into the big move.  Anyway, my stop is still in place and the 10 EMA  has held.   Over the past month that EMA has been the  floor of this stock.

A Small pull back after a big reversal move.  No worries yet.

CORN:  Today wasn't all bad.  My Corn short, which is my largest position kept falling and closed at the low.  It took out the bottom at looks to fall to at least $38.5 before next support level.

Since CORN tracks the commodity, the chart of the actual Corn futures also closed at a low.  But is more in the range of support than the ETF.  I like that the Force and the MACD are dropping like stones.  I would have liked greater volume.

BA:  This is becoming a long term short as it won't break out to stop me out.   There is huge divergence and despite Market in Rally mode, BA has been stuck.  EMAs are flat.   Eventually, it has to go one way or the other.

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