Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 5.

My largest position XIV continues its tear towards contango: I own a lot of this in the 23, 25, 26 range.

APEI, short
back tests the breakdown price seemed to be rejected, setting up for a downward trust if there is any weakness broad markets.

FIT: nice consolidation, put on a starter position
This is one  that had a nice countertrend bounce over the past couple of days.  I like to short these types of stocks at the first sign of weakness.  Using a short time frame when the trend breaks, I enter.  I expect the win rate to be lower the shorter the time frame, but the pay off can be 5 to 1, which is why I take these trades.

This one did not work as a short... yet.  We

Although OVAS didn't work UNFI might:

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