Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14 Trade Journal

Entered GMCR 60.07 as we get bearish range expansion following uptrend..  If we get follow through tomorrow, I think this could drop to the 40s.   

USE close of 9 hourly EMA to trail

GWR: Short  - -Nice move today Short in 61.60s  -- tight stop and bulls are getting tired -- nice close on the low.

Hourly --- bearish rang expansion pierced through consolidation area then did it again this morning.

VTAE: Fishhook breakout 
Averaged into a 15.13 position as the 15 breakout held

added anotheto the position.  Contango is now only (-3% still backwardization but this is the VXX short is the greatest trade.   

If this were not a mean reverting instrument there is no way I would take this trade with the size I am now up to. 

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