Friday, June 6, 2014

New Buy: GBX

So the Railroads are chugging along , UNP, CP, CNI  But I'm not long the trains on this trip. So If you don't get the engine I'd figure I'd get the cars.  Hence, GBX which makes tanker cars. Highlights include a BAC's reiteration of a buy with price target upgrade to 65 today. 

This has traded in a very tight range over the last two weeks.  My long thesis is that this breaks out of this two week consolidation to the upside. I feel that the broader markets, the railroad, stocks and general fundamentals of this stock are aligned. I the consolidation breaks to the downside, I'm not interested and will exit.  Given that my theory has a tight parameters risk is proportionate.  Stop Below 54,  1/2 R.


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