Monday, February 13, 2012


Found this in a multiple bottom scan at It had a nice pop to 17, and then pulled back to the value zone.  If value holds, the uptrend continues,   otherwise, I'll look to exit quickly.

Weekly, Impulse gives the okay to buy,  13 Day EMA ticking up.  Bullish divergence on MACD and Force showing weaker sellers.

Buy at 15. 61, w stop at 14.94,  target 16.75

Day 2.

Got the stock this time but not sure I wanted it.  Got hit with a big red candle.      I manually pulled the stop when I had mistakenly put a stop limit, instead of a stop.  The specialist traded right over it.

Lessons learned:
Use stops, not stop limits
Don't trade light volume stocks.

The entry scored a 19.   Perhaps splitting up the buy order would help get  better entries.   Rule No. 6 was broken on the entry.

The drop today turned the impulse bar Red.  If no rebound get out at market

MACD shows a series of higher lows since Oct.   But should have I waited until the signal line crossed again to the upside?   More research needed.

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